Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Longer than Noah 21st-23rd Nov

Realised we'd spend longer together on our voyage than Noah had so far! (Passed site of where he had made land on way onto Iran). Lots of time travelling about mountains failing to find the right roads but did find cake and really nice and unexpected hotel!
When you are in such fantastic surroundings it gets frustrting to be swapmped with paranoia about taking photos- I have deleted many after spotting a communications tower upon a hill top of a less than agricultural building in the distance for fear of being taken to tsk by the police at some point. Despite this I do have many great photos of the fantastic snowy peaks we headed up to. We picniced inside our car at a lay by. It was still POURING with rain and only about 2 degree C out there. We were astounded when a truck pulled up as well and out got one two then three girls and an older guy, (their dad?) who then proceded to lay out a blanket and picnic things. The girls removed their shoes and the man his jacket- they saw us trying not to stare and happily becond us ovr but there was no way we were going out in that weather and so we gestured a refusal and headed off, they laughing and smiling at our departure. I suppose our increased tendency to eat while sitting in our seats as the tempertures dropped must hsve seemd extrodinary to those that saw us but this fun loving bunch really did seem very extreme, I only wish I had taken a photo!

We spent the rest of the day trying and almost failing to find small roads into and about the mountians. A cake and WC break greatly inproved our outlook and giving up on finding one road after that maent of course that we instsntly stumbled accoss it. We noticed some great road sgns along the miles the best of which was 'Enjoy your Tripe' and 'Overturn ahead' for shrp bends in the road, neither of which can really be faulted for incomprehensibility, just a perhaps unintended literacy. In search, back and forth of beautiful waterfalls the snow began to fall thick and fast. I didn't fancy cooking in this and noticed thaty the village we had just been through, Komehr, had an unlikely sign for a hotel. We went back and found it was although we would be the only guests at ths time of year. Initially they showed us a suite of three rooms
plus private sitting room, shower and toilet. HOw much asks we. Too much. We tried to ask if we could just eat in the resturant and sleep in the car- we understood that heating such a large space would be expensive for them but we just didn't need all that space. In the end, despite our valuable phrasebook, he went for 'phone a friend' and she acted as translater as we passed the phone back and forth. It turned out he had another more perfect suite for us- one double bed plus two bunks with a curtain to seperate them if needed in a spacious room and on suite. Great. We hung out blisfully playing instruments, knowin we wouldn't disturb anyone- the first time in ages then went back over to the resturant at about seven O'clock. Thankfully we had brought cards with us to play otherwise it would all have been a bit aqward- mum was there with the kids doing school work, they seemd to use the space as a sitting room themselves. She offered us some of the sweet she was eating but made no move to serve us tea, let alone dinner. After a number of hands we bade them goodnight and retreated to our room with our picnic basket. It was a same because when we were undergoing negociations for the room everyone had seemed so chatty adn wanted to find everything out about us- our ages, our jobs, our journey. We were a bit disappointed that there was no enthusiasm for more chat when we had returned- a dint in our superstar egos!

We found that we had plenty for a tasty cold supper and had it on the provided plastic table cloth on the floor Iranian style.I do like so many things about Iranin dining- the use of the floor keeps you supple and encourages having enough rugs on the floor for it always to be cosy enough and to take the shoes off at the door to keep them clean, (something I can NEVER pursuade ALex to do at home). I also like the use of spoon and fork- while tacing joints of meat can be a little tricky eating anything else is much easier. The quality and quantity of the food that the meal usully encompasses is anoher obvious boon. The only thing I am not so good at is faultlessly transporting the food such a distance from the flor to my mouth but I would imgine with more preactce I may get there.

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