Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Return to Shahin Shahr 28th-30th

We return , as promised to previously met friends in Esfahna. Lovely dinner with two other family members. They insis we stay two nights- I'm not keen, my throat feels like some has been sand papering the flesh but their insistence is too strong to say no! Alex's folk's text to say the British Ambassador has been kicked out, we watch the news closely and ALex reads far and wide at an internet cafe the next day. We return to the house more reassured. Lots of waiting for Mustaba to come home and unsureness about what is expected of us. Alex gets taken to car wash and to mend puncture in afternoon, I, (gladly), get to sleep with mum and sick baby whom I think I caught my sickness off from the first visit. We get shown the Mall in the evening, and serenade them in their home, (although they only ask for one song!). ALex's parents update us on 'students' storming British Embassy and we nxiously call Sara in TEhran to ask if we should be heading for the boarder. SHe tells us all is well- here father passed Embassy just before 'attack' and news has blown spectacle out of proportion. Late night- I'm really needing an earlier one and throat is so sore. Strange atmosphere when we leave the next day, unsure if they're sad to say goodbye, if extended trip was a disappointment or if they're just not good in the mornings! Will send thank-you card and gift later anyway.

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