Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Mixed Bag

Today was a disappointing day's skiing, mainly because I didn't find my 'foo'. It's like Pool- some days I've just got it and other days I can't get it for trying. The worse I skied the more my muscles were being strained and the worse I got. It got increasingly icey as time wore on as well- we had decided to go, despite not many slopes or lifts being open yet due to shallow snow, since we'd missed out in Turkey. After just four hours, one of which included a fairly horrible and overpriced lunch we were both exhausted and went down again. We shared the telecabin, (cablecar), with two English who confirmed that the cost of our meal the previous night was exceptionally expensive but they also had reports of half a meter of snow due to fall tonight. We returned to our hotel with our eye on the skies. It was only 3.30 and I had had the forethought to indulgently book the sauna for us at 6 and a massage for myself at 7 but this seemed like a long time away. Fortunately I had also chosen the room with the biggest bath so I warmed up in there and then headed out to look around the attractive old town area by daylight. I managed to get a few photos before the light went and also had a successful search for a postcard, the Post Office, supermarket, some where cheaper but still nice to eat and even a bakery where I bought rolls with cheese baked into them for lunch tomorrow. We hadn't decided what we'd do if the forecast snow did fall yet but figured it would be best to make our minds up tomorrow when we see how we're feeling. I got back just in time for the scheduled luxuries which were great. Alex had sensibly asked the hotel if we could dine there tonight, it was to early in the season for them to be open to the public but they were happy to cook something simple and tasty for us. We fell quickly asleep in bed very shortly after.

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