Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sights and slopes 3rd and 4th Dec

We saw the Golestan Palace one day which was absolutely stunning with mirror tiles of many shapes and sizes covering the walls and ceiling of many rooms to dazerling effect and we saw some of the best archeological finds from Persepolis, now housed in the National museum. Our host helped find a reliable garage to got the oil and air filters in the car changed which made
Alex very happy and we even managed a day on the slopes to the north. Overall an extremely enjoyable chapter of our trip and really nice to touch base in a very welcoming and friendly home full of English speakers half way through our trip- a real restbite from looking for places to sleep every night and very peacemeal comunication (on our part), in various different languages! I'm sure I've put
on pounds in Iran as every home and resturant we have eaten at has produced really excellent food in enormous quantities that has been very hard not to eat too much of! Have a strict swimming regime planned for myself when we get back home...

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