Sunday, 23 October 2011

And Relax...

Sunday, a day of rest, and didn't we just! Started the day with a wee dip in the gloriously turqoise sea, a few meters from where we were parked up,(not as painful as Scotland but not warm) and after a leisurely breakfast we strolled into town. The tiny medevial town of Rab, with it's four towers, is much praised in guidebooks. It was nice but nothing amazing although there were moments- watching these guys fishing from the town walls, the turquoise sea beneith, the harmonious singing from the church goers behind - if I had been able to strip off one of my three layers it would have been paradise! We shopped around for somewhere cheap for a tasty lunch but they started at £10 a head, (it was noon on an out of season Sunday, not much open), so we grabbed tasty snacks from the bakery and an ice cream (thought of you Grandpa) and settled into a great little cafe with beer, coffee and free wifi. We even stopped for cake at another cafe on the way back.

We spent the late afternoon reading guidebooks and checking maps of the places to come and where to head next. We got a bit of a shock to be reminded how far we still have to go before our Iranian visa starts on Nov 10th- Turkey really is ENORMOUS and will take some getting down with almost no motorways, even if we rush it. We rationalised what we most wanted to see and have put Bosnia on the return trip-it even has ski resorts. We had a read through about skiing in Romania, Slovenia and so forth to work out what we could fit in on the way back and save time missing on the way out. I really didn't expect to feel that we're not going to have enough time only two weeks in but I'm very glad we're not on the Vladivostok-Mongolia-Iran-Europe route we had originally thought about as we'd have no time to relax at all.

Spent a lovely evening singing to the sea while Alex accompanied me on the bass. We were both suprised to find how big our joint repertoire now is. The sunsets in Croatia all seem to be amazing, I couldn't resis including another one.

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