Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes,,,,

Woke to sustained dryness if not actual sunshine!
After breakfast and pack up Alex felt he fancied an explore up some more of these ‘minor’ roads. The one we had parked on was marked as such and it was entirely un driveable past about 100m where we had parked up for the night- it was over grown with bushes and grass and had never been tarmaced. We wandered whether this was standard and what the ‘unpaved’ roads on the sat nav were like!
Our conclusion was that the road states were variable and not always related to the sat nav data. We found some really brilliant tracks through some really lovely woodland though and the highlight of my day was suddenly realising I was staring at the back end of a small black bear loping away back up the road. Sadly the curve of the road hid it from Alex before it dived into the bushes and we spent the rest of the track keeping eyes wide open but saw no more.

After this we headed down along the coast in search of petrol. We picked up a nice, elderly hitcher along the way who was very chatty despite our complete mutual guesswork at understanding each other. We then headed to Jablanac to get the ferry over to the much praised Island of Rab (and because I wanted to send my pal Rab a postcard from there!). We were both relived and thrilled to find a campsite just about open there- we’d resigned ourselves that we may have to splash a few days budget on a room. A campsite meant not only showers and dish washing facilities but we could afford to stay there for two nights and get a much desired rest from putting the miles under our feet. We were also excited to find the temperature had risen a little (about 17 degrees C) and hold out hopes for finding warmer sun further south.

We had a little stroll into town to get meat from dinner, a beer in a bar on the way back and a leisurely time reading, writing postcards, cooking and feeding chicken skin to the very cute and fairly hungry wildish campsite kittens. It actually feels like being on holiday for the first time in a while.


  1. Sounds great. Are you going via Split? Should be pleasantly free-er of hawkers at this time of year and it's a very pretty place.

  2. Afraid we decided to skip Split- it was that or Dubrovnik but yes, every where is certainly free of anyone chasing tourists just now!