Monday, 17 October 2011

A tasty day

So we made it to Austria today. We started the morning (at -5 degrees C- my drying clothes really were stiff as a board), spending the last of our francs at a Bakerie as planned. My bread rolls were lovely- made with a brownish flour and topped with caraway, sunflower and sesame seeds and a sprinkling of salt- must try making that at home. We also shared a tasty sweet bun with a sprinkling of sugar on top, stuffed with a not overly sweet cinnamon-hazelnut paste- delicious! Today I really noticed the beautiful and ornate frescos painted onto sides of many buildings and scraped into the render to reveal the grey beneath the extraordinarily colourful paint, in a way that I’ve never seen before, giving it a slightly three dimensional effect.

We spent much of the day chugging through to Austria via the Nauders boarder. Luckily there are two roads in here as one was blocked by an avalanche; the rivers were churning so I expect our vision of glorious Switzerland is rose tinted by unseasonably warm weather. A little way into Austria we stopped for a delicious lunch of Schnitzel, only the second time we’ve eaten out the whole trip.
We continued into Austria, and eventually found a quiet forestry track up which we parked for the night above Zell am Ziller.
I’ve been meaning to say by the way that sending texts is very cheap and free to receive, unlike calls, so feel free to contact me this way as I’ve not been checking my email that much. Also I've been REALLY loving some fantastic compilations CDs Claire made for us to take, if anyone feels inspired to send us any for the return leg I can give you an address in Iran or of my Edinburgh pals I am meeting out there in mid Nov, if they don't mind!

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