Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Heavenly coastal resorts

I awake feeling like we'd missed an oppertunity not going into town last night- five days in Croatia and we'd not met ANY Croations! Motivated, I contacted an Albanian resident via the international internet organisation 'Couch Surfer'. I had joined to meet locals but had been disinclined to restrict our otherwise complete flexibility, maybe once in a while it would be worth it though?

We blasted down the motorway today to make some distance. There was less of a view but plenty of atractive red autumnal bushes still. When the motorway ran out,(we could see a huge stretch under construction), we passed through a big vine and fruit growing area with lots of roadside stalls selling manderins and honey.There were some 'escaped' pommegranite trees growing by the roadside too which I was tempted by but had a memory of them being hard work to eat.

We passed in and then out of Bosnia's 10km stretch of coastline (passport checks and all) which looked gorgeous, with a tantalising turquoise sea sheltered by off shore islands. There was plenty of tourist facilities apparent but just enough to make it appealling, not overwhelming, and so so gorgeous. I'd highly reccomend booking your next beach holiday there!

The rest of the Croation coastline below this is lovely too and there is the old walled city of Dubrovnik which we really enjoyed looking around. Sadly, we only had enough change for one hours parking- I would have liked to spend a bit longer there so we resolved to come back for breakfast. We settled ourselves at a particularly nice campsite just up the road that our fellow overlanders had texted us about to say it was open. Not only were the facilities excellent but it was on a nice small scale with lovely surroundings and an easy path down throuh the village to the beach for a moonlit stroll.

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